Penguins Fans Against the Lockout!

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Penguins Fans Against the Lockout

My name is Brad and I’m organizing this rally to show NHL owners that we fans WILL NOT TOLERATE this lockout, ESPECIALLY because its entire basis is revenue. Here are my reasons for why this needs to end. NOW!

To Gary Bettman and the owners of the NHL, please take into consideration these complaints about your lockout…


  • In a time when much of the world’s economy is lagging, our local economy is no different. Businesses and workers that depend on the NHL for their livelihood, whether directly or indirectly are suffering greatly. This may be no concern for an owner, but for the vendor in the stands or the gift shop, it’s how they support their families! The NHL will recover from its $100 million already lost- Gary Bettman said so. Many local small businesses will not! You think fans will flock back to a sport that has cost friends and family members their jobs?! Think again.
  • Many of our troops enjoy the NHL as much as any civilian. To support them one year and ignore them the next is hypocritical! You want to show them their due respect and support as a professional sports league? Get the game back up and running so they have it to look forward to when they return! 


  • You insult our resolve and intelligence by assuming that we will continue to increase your revenue after you’ve denied us our sport for the second time in less than a decade. How can all of you be content with that?! Maybe we should lock YOU out! I’m sure we can find a mathematician to figure out how much money each NHL fan can spend within a calendar year to ensure that your revenue stagnates.
  • Concerning rollbacks on current contracts: you all have the final say on whether these contracts are offered in the first place! No one violently forced any of you to award a $100 million contract to anyone! Maybe you should lock out your GM’s if you’re not happy with how much you’re paying the players. Banks don’t roll back mortgages for homeowners who can’t pay the bill, why should you be any different?


  • There are two parties in a CBA agreement. Logically, wouldn’t 50/50 be a pretty fair split? Would an arbitrator seriously consider 40/60 as a resolution? You need to come up with a 52/48 split, fine. Sit down and do it already!
  1. The NHL wields arguably the most iconic and famous championship trophy in all of sports. Shame on both sides for the blemish on Lord Stanley that is the 2004-2005 season.
  • All of your revenue stems directly from fans. Advertising, ticket sales, merchandise, it all comes back to us, including those who have season tickets whose money you have stolen. Do the right thing and end this lockout!

This site obviously has a Pittsburgh perspective. We don’t like the Flyers, the Capitals and many other teams. They don’t like us. THAT’S GREAT! That’s what it’s all about! But right now, we need to look beyond our team affiliations and rally together as professional hockey fans of the NHL. No matter what team you root for, you’re being robbed of a part of your culture and your life over money! Both sides need to negotiate, but right now the players are willing to do that and the owners aren’t. That’s what each side is stating publicly.

It’s time we force these negotiations to happen- with the intent of ENDING THIS LOCKOUT! 2 LOCKOUTS IN LESS THAN TEN YEARS ISN’T ACCEPTABLE! This situation didn't just magically appear on September 14th. They knew it was coming and did basically nothing to stop it. There’s no excuse for that. How about focus on the larger picture and get the players- who want nothing more than to PLAY- back on the ice here where they belong! We aren’t going to wait for this to happen. Do it now!